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Before you skip the pictures of your latest installation because you don't have time to bring in a photographer you need to reconsider.

The answer for taking great website pictures may be in your front pocket: your smartphone. With a little practice and a couple extra minutes on the jobsite, taking pictures with your smartphone will help you strengthen your brand, make new connections, and spread the word to your fans.

It's easy on the budget, only takes a few minutes and can pay off big with your potential customers and social channels. Here are a few tips to get started.

Think Like Your Customer.

You're so entrenched in the day to day grind that until a customer says "Wow, that's incredible!" It's easy to forget that what you do might as well be magic to most people. Show your customers that it takes a lot of wire to make things wireless. Think Before, During and After pictures.

Include People. Say Cheese.

This is a bit harder if you're the only person on site, but it's still pretty easy. Today's smartphones can helo. Use the delay features on your phone to get the shot you want.
How to set the timer on your iPhone.
How to set the timer on your Samsung S7

Hold It Sideways.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Hold the damn phone sideways. Think about it, when you hold the phone sideways, it more closely resembles the shape of a camera. You'll get better pictured and videos. They're also much easier for a web designer to work with, because they also closely resemble the shape of your computer screen. Ok, rant over.

Keep It Steady.

If you want to take good photos, I mean really good photos with your smartphone, you must have a tripod.

The end result will be sharper images. You'll also have the opportunity to take pictures from many different angles.

Don't know which tripod is right for you? Here's a great review of some of the most popular on the market. Check it out.


Clean Up The BackGround

I'm not talking about photoshop or some other photo editing software. I mean actually clean the background.

Make sure that there isn't tools, debris, scattered boxes, or family photos of your customers in the image.

Have Fun & Practice.

With a little practice, you can start taking great photographs that will look great on your website and show off your work to your potential customers. If you'd like to sharpen your skills, here's a great site to help you get started. iPhone Photography School


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