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If your web design
isn't getting results, and social media isn't
as social as it could be. Let's change it.


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You’ve done the hard work of building your business.
Now, let’s put your brand and web design to work for you.

web design for audio video businesses


What it takes to grow
Do you really just need a new website? Or are you really looking for something more? There are over a billion websites on the planet. Without a strategy to make your website stand out from the crowd, you’re fighting a losing battle. You might as well take a business card and staple it to a tree in Yosemite and hope someone calls. It’s not gonna happen.

logo design for audio video businesses


Making a difference
Just like speakers and receivers, all hosting is not created equal. If you’re with one of the big named hosting services that charge $5 per month, you’re getting exactly $5 worth of quality per month. In short, they’re not doing your business any good, they’re slow, and they’re certainly not protecting your website from malware and other hacks.

branding for audio video businesses


Web design
Thoughtful design
This is where the fun begins. First, we start with an informal chat over the phone. This will give me a good idea who your customer is (or who you want them to be) and how to reach them. Once you fill out a short spreadsheet about your business and your competition, we’ll be on our way to creating your new website and growing your business.

responsive web design for audio video businesses


Logo design
A new logo
Your logo often gives potential customers their first glimpse into your brand identity. Is your organization a fun one? A serious one? One that innovates? Customers will get an idea of what your company is all about the moment they see your logo. If your logo is old, tired and outdated, this is a great time to invest in a new logo design.

web design for audio video businesses


24/7 protection
Using some of the most advanced tools available to keep your website safe and secure from potential hackers, I’ll make sure your visitors and potential customers have a quality experience while visiting your website. What’s more, I’ll back up your website everyday.

email marketing for audio video businesses


Email lists
The essentials
How large is your email list? What’s that? You don’t have one? Now’s the time! If you’re not using email to stay in contact with potential and current customers throughout the year, you’re leaving huge opportunities on the table. It’s easy, it’s cost effective, and can help you increase revenue in a big way! Best of all, I’ll do it for you.

social media campaigns for audio video businesses


Social media
Your digital strategy
Using Facebook ads to reach your potential customers is a great way to increase revenue, offer specials on products and seasonal offerings. The ads are cheap and the targeting abilities are exceptional. Your customers and potential customers are already on Facebook, it’s time to start using Facebook as an effective tool to grow your business.

web design for audio video businesses


Stay on message
As with the logo designs, I’ve partnered with Polly Hammond at 5Forests. She’s been in the graphic, logo and branding game for over 20 years and she knows her stuff. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’ll spend some time with Polly so she can help you achieve the brand equity you crave.